Manuel Kraus

Manuel Kraus, creator

Hi, I’m Manuel! I’m glad you’ve made it here. To find out a little bit about me, follow the links to my social media profiles. If you want to know something a bit more personal, let me tell you about the values I strive to work and live by. Each of those values have their own little story.


1. Maintain honesty, integrity and intention.

Admittedly, it’s actually a combination of three values. Honesty means telling the truth. It’s closely linked to integrity, which to me means keeping promises and acting in line with my values and convictions. I strive to put honesty and integrity at the heart and center of my life. It’s not always easy and I often screw up. But I’m committed to keep trying, keep screwing up and keep making amends.

Maintaining intention in this case means always keeping in mind what the ultimate goal is. And that’s helping people live happier and more fulfilled lives.


2. Focus on users.

Focus on users means always keeping in mind that the most important part of Pocketcoach is the people who actually use it. And remembering this as Pocketcoach grows and changes is fundamentally important. It’s easy to get off track in the midst of the day-to-day stress and busyness that comes with creating an application like Pocketcoach. This value is a constant reminder that it’s the people who use Pocketcoach who I’m doing all this for.


3. Science drives story.

 There’s two aspects here. First, science. I strive for everything that Pocketcoach teaches to be based on scientifically-validated therapy approaches. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every single tool that Pocketcoach teaches needs to be clinically tested. But it needs to have proven itself as part of well-tested therapies. This scientific basis is the foundation for trust between Pocketcoach and its users.

The second aspect is story. Humans have been telling stories since the beginning of civilization. That’s how we learn best and how we remember things. That’s why I try to wrap many of our lessons around examples and videos which tell small stories. Putting these two together, I guess I could phrase it like this: Science is the foundation of what we’re doing. And story is how we want to bridge the gap between science and our users’ minds.


4. Gotta have fun.

Last but not least, we gotta have fun. That’s a phrase that my friend Gabe brought into the mix as something that his dad would often say to him. And when Gabe and I had a chat about values, this little phrase simply resonated.

Gotta have fun stands for more though than laughing occasionally. It’s a reminder that we can only be happy right in this moment. And that life is precious and needs to be lived with gratitude. That’s also why it helps me remember to take care of myself as well.


There you have it. A little glimpse into my work and life. Hope you enjoyed it!